Forest of Shadows – Six Waves of Woe (2008)

Forest Of Shadows 2008 Six Waves Of Woe

1. Submission
2. Selfdestructive
3. Detached
4. Moments in Solitude
5. Pernicious
6. Deprived

I had known Forest of Shadows for a long time but it’s only until now that I’ve discovered their brilliance in creating utterly emotional music. It’s been quite a few months, almost years, that I haven’t listened to the entire genre of Doom/Death Metal but somehow I stumbled upon Forest of Shadows whilst skimming my music library. And boy, am I glad that happened. They are able to create such an intense atmosphere of despair and longing without sounding pathetic at all. Especially the clean vocals do the trick for me. At some points they heavily remind me of Katatonia which is no bad thing at all. I can’t really distinguish a particular track as being the best of the whole album because it’s an incredible piece of music altogether. So make sure to check this one out – plus their EP ‘Where Dreams Turn to Dust’.

Sweden, 2008
Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
Website || Listen



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