Khoma – A Final Storm (2010)


1. Army of One
2. From the Hands of Sinners
3. Harvest
4. Osiris
5. A Final Storm
6. Inquisition
7. The Tide
8. All Like Serpents
9. In It For Fighting
10. By the Gallows
11. Mist

Hailing from Umeå, Sweden (birthtown to lots of talented bands such as Cult of Luna or Meshuggah) it seems somehow predestined that the guys of Khoma also create some very intense and beautiful music. And you won’t be disappointed when listening to their 2010’s release A Final Storm. Immediately after the first track kicks in, you can sense a very strong instrumental influence of Cult of Luna. Sludgy, memorizable riffs combined with progressive and propulsive drum patterns build the musical fundament. But then it’s these incredible, expressive and sometimes haunting clean vocals that really make the difference and shift the impression from ‘Oh, a mediocre Cult of Luna ripoff’ to ‘God damn, that’s some serious stuff.’ I would love to recommend you a specific track on this album but alas, I can’t. It’s just too amazing overall. If you enjoy music in the vein of Cult of Luna, Callisto or Junius (the symbiosis of heavy and dreamy, ‘poppy’ parts so to say) then you should definitely listen to Khoma. No excuses.

Sweden, 2010
Atmospheric Post-Rock
Website || Listen



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