2:54 – 2:54 (2012)


1. Revolving
2. You’re Early
3. Easy Undercover
4. A Salute
5. Scarlet
6. Sugar
7. Circuitry
8. Watcher
9. Ride
10. Creeping

Recently, I tried to disengage from my usual listening habits and listen to music way more concentrated. And to give the same release more attention in terms of listening to it several times before heading to the next album. I believe that was one of my biggest problems because I felt like missing a whole lot of potential brilliant releases just by giving them too little attention.

The self-titled debut album from 2:54 was one of these albums that I discovered in this process. It is very well executed, builds a melancholic, sometimes eerie atmosphere and let’s my thoughts drift – that’s what I like about music the most. The vocals of Colette Thurlow reminds me of Shirley Manson’s of Garbage at some places, which is a fairly good thing. You can also hear distant influences of some post-punk and shoegaze although they proclaim themselves as alternative rock. My favorite tracks of this release are ‘Sugar’ and ‘Creeping’ but essentially there are no bad or mediocre songs.

Recommended If You Like: Garbage, Exitmusic, Tamaryn

United Kingdom, 2012
Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
Website | Listen



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