What sorcery is this?

Some of you may know me from Last.fm (Grabgesang) or other parts of the internet like Discogs (Frtzngrml). But no matter where you know or don’t know me from, why you’re here or why you want to leave anytime soon:

In this blog I’ll document and comment on my personal musical evolution. Therewith I can get an overview over my opinions to certain releases (I tend to forget about that quite easily). Moreover, you can participate in my eloquent effusions so as to discover the one or other beautiful album. I will provide free and legal downloads as often as I can.

About me


My name is Fabian and I’m 22 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree at Online Marketing/E-Business and am currently working as a Web Analytics Consultant for an Online Marketing agency in Stuttgart, Germany. Music is crucial to my life, as well as the interwebs. Both passions combined = this blog.


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