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Ulrich Schnauss – Goodbye (2007)

Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye

1. Never Be The Same
2. Shine
3. Stars
4. Einfeld
5. In Between the Years
6. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
7. A Song About Hope
8. Medusa
9. Goodbye
10. For Good

In the last few weeks I especially enjoyed low-key and relaxing music, kinda to compensate the fucked-up heat. Because that’s a genre I never had much contact with (apart from some post-rock acts but none pure-electronic artists) I stumbled across a whole bunch of musicians via Spotify. German electronic music producer Ulrich Schnauss was one to make a lasting impression on me, especially his 2007’s album “Goodbye”. Schnauss excels in composing soothing ambient landscapes that simply don’t bore the listener. It’s a constant up and down in tension and an overly dynamic record. Absolute highlights are the tracks ‘Stars’ and ‘Goodbye’ because of their appropriate usage of vocals and catchy tunes. If you’re in search of chillout music that doesn’t necessarily just ripple away in the background, I can clearly recommend all of Ulrich Schnauss’ work.

Recommended If You Like: July Skies, Lights Out Asia, Hiatus, A Shoreline Dream, Tycho

Germany, 2007
Ambient, Chillout
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Arvorar – Fragments of Solitude (2012)

Arvorar - Fragments of Solitude

1. Diffuse Winter Sun
2. Esquecimento
3. Forlorn
4. Trepidation
5. Angústia
6. Last Tree
7. Aimless

In the last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of black metal and ambient with a certain space feeling. Darkspace, Alraxis, Cold Womb Descent and stuff like that. During my research for new material I stumbled upon a split release with Arvorar, Carcharoth Λ.V. and The Descent of the Sun (“And The Stars Obtain The Beauty Of The Forlorn”). The opening track of Arvorar (‘Distante Obscurecer’) immediately caught my attention because of the excellent blend of harsh black metal and soothing ambient music. Curious as I am, I started searching for other releases of the band and finally found “Fragments of Solitude” on the label’s Bandcamp (Domestic Genocide). Although this release doesn’t have the same vast, eerie atmosphere as the aforementioned track, it’s overall a pretty damn good album. The songs are very melancholic and longing, mostly thanks to the very well used synthesizers. The guitars and drums create a very fuzzy and monotonous soundscape whilst the synths add nuances of melody without sounding cheesy. Also, I really like the pure ambient tracks that support the overall atmosphere. “Fragments of Solitude” is a very solid release but unfortunately it is not much more than that. It lacks some really outstanding tracks that make you go “Damn, I want to listen to that song again!”. Nevertheless a clear recommendation for anyone who likes atmospheric black metal with an ambient touch (e.g. All the Cold, Paysage d’Hiver or Karg).

Brazil, 2012
Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient


Barn Owl – Lost in the Glare (2011)


1. Pale Star
2. Turiya
3. Devotion I
4. The Darkest Night Since 1683
5. Temple of the Winds
6. Midnight Tide
7. Light Echoes
8. Devotion II

I must admit that I’ve actually never heard of Barn Owl until a good friend of mine (Drakemirow) pointed out that they have released a new album. You must know that the whole genre of drone is a rather difficult one for me because there are many, many bands that I virtually don’t like but at the same time I came across the most breathtaking and tripping music I’ve ever listened to. Barn Owl is one of these artists that literally take me to other places when I’m losing myself in their sounds. I can’t figure out what exactly arouses these feelings. It has to be the sheer otherworldly composition and the almost perfect dynamics of dreamy interludes with folkish influences. Well, if there is anything left to say… this album is a masterpiece.

USA, 2011
Drone, Ambient, Psychedelic