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Arvorar – Fragments of Solitude (2012)

Arvorar - Fragments of Solitude

1. Diffuse Winter Sun
2. Esquecimento
3. Forlorn
4. Trepidation
5. Angústia
6. Last Tree
7. Aimless

In the last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of black metal and ambient with a certain space feeling. Darkspace, Alraxis, Cold Womb Descent and stuff like that. During my research for new material I stumbled upon a split release with Arvorar, Carcharoth Λ.V. and The Descent of the Sun (“And The Stars Obtain The Beauty Of The Forlorn”). The opening track of Arvorar (‘Distante Obscurecer’) immediately caught my attention because of the excellent blend of harsh black metal and soothing ambient music. Curious as I am, I started searching for other releases of the band and finally found “Fragments of Solitude” on the label’s Bandcamp (Domestic Genocide). Although this release doesn’t have the same vast, eerie atmosphere as the aforementioned track, it’s overall a pretty damn good album. The songs are very melancholic and longing, mostly thanks to the very well used synthesizers. The guitars and drums create a very fuzzy and monotonous soundscape whilst the synths add nuances of melody without sounding cheesy. Also, I really like the pure ambient tracks that support the overall atmosphere. “Fragments of Solitude” is a very solid release but unfortunately it is not much more than that. It lacks some really outstanding tracks that make you go “Damn, I want to listen to that song again!”. Nevertheless a clear recommendation for anyone who likes atmospheric black metal with an ambient touch (e.g. All the Cold, Paysage d’Hiver or Karg).

Brazil, 2012
Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient



Lunar Aurora – Hoagascht (2012)


1. Im Gartn
2. Nachteule
3. Sterna
4. Beagliachda
5. Håbergoaß
6. Wedaleichtn
7. Geisterwoid
8. Reng

Lunar Aurora has been one of the first black metal bands I seriously listened to. 2007’s ‘Andacht’ opened my mind to this obscure genre (at that time I used to make fun of it a lot) and paved the way to let it become one of my favorite music genres of all time. So you can probably imagine how much I connected to them and how stoked I was when I heard about the release of their newest effort ‘Hoagascht’. Completely written in the upper bavarian dialect it’s a quite unique album with such an intense and haunting atmosphere (yeah, you probably noticed that for me, music’s all about the atmosphere). I won’t bother describing how almost every song (apart from Håbergoaß; I don’t know why, but I just can’t remember it) is able to let me immerse into the Bavarian Woods and makes me feel deeply enthralled. The music itself relinquishes complex song structures but its this simplicity combined with the superb use of the keyboards that creates an almost trancelike mood you can sink yourself into. I recommend this album to everyone who has even the slightest interest in black metal or metal in general. Personal favorites: ‘Sterna’, ‘Beagliachda’, ‘Geisterwoid’ and ‘Reng’.

Germany, 2012
Atmospheric Black Metal
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Klabautamann – The Old Chamber (2011)


1. Mary’s Abbey
2. Bog Spawn
3. Dead Marshes
4. The Crown of the Wild
5. Gloom
6. The Old Chamber
7. Death’s Canvas
8. The Maze
9. Black Rain
10. The Dying Night

Klaubautamann are quite renowned as an avantgardistic german black metal act. Especially ‘Merkur’ (2009) caused a stir and enabled them to establish themselves as some sort of pioneers in the scene. Back then, they were pretty jazzy and experimental, whilst ‘The Old Chamber’ represents a more classical, straight-forward style of black metal. Which isn’t bad at all. Fitting vocals, catchy riffs and a proper dose of atmosphere (served with incredibly cool artwork) make their fourth release one of the better german albums this year. It isn’t as experimental as its predecessors but it has the certain characteristic feeling to it that makes it stand out against a lot of other releases.

Germany, 2011
Atmospheric Black Metal, Avantgarde
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