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Cara Neir – Stagnant Perceptions (2011)


1. Imperialist Design
2. Return to Torquemada
3. Two-Faced and Tight-Lipped
4. Dethroned and Leprous
5. The Bridge of Despise
6. Amaranthine Figures
7. Temporal Realm
8. The Apothecary
9. Limitless Drift
10. My Apology
11. Not Enough

I stumbled upon ‘Cara Neir’ rather by accident than on purpose through another blog (Unfortunately, I can’t remember its name). The short review appealed to me and because the album can be downloaded for free(!!) I just couldn’t say no. You can expect a 40-minute rollercoaster ride between black metal, crust and sludge without a grain of boredom. ‘Stagnant Perception’ is a supremely entertaining album that reveals further details after each listen. And as I already mentioned: for free!

USA, 2011
Black Metal, Crust, Sludge
Website || Download