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Starkey – Orbits (2012)


1. Renegade Starship
2. Command
3. G V Star (Part 1)
4. G V Star (Part 2)
5. Thugs
6. Lzr
7. Synchronize
8. Dystopia
9. …and then God built the Cosmos
10. Crashing Sphere
11. The Shuttle
12. Magnet
13. Distant Star

First, I have to admit that I’m not overly acquainted with electronic music apart from genres like Ambient or Vocal Trance (well, those days of childhood…). I became aware of Starkey when strolling about on several music blogs, finding both cover and description quite appealing. Of course I didn’t know what to expect – which can be quite refreshing, because in my opinion expectations often blur the listening experience – so it struck me rather by surprise when hearing the first tunes. Starkey manages to blend harsh drum/bass patterns with melodic and incredibly catchy, freaked out melodies in a really satisfying way. It’s an overall very good release, but ‘Command’ and ‘…and then God built the Cosmos’ really stand out. Well, because I lack the fitting terms to describe this kind of music… listen to Orbits by Starkey since it is an unlikely entertaining musical release.

USA, 2012
Dubstep, Grime
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