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Klabautamann – The Old Chamber (2011)


1. Mary’s Abbey
2. Bog Spawn
3. Dead Marshes
4. The Crown of the Wild
5. Gloom
6. The Old Chamber
7. Death’s Canvas
8. The Maze
9. Black Rain
10. The Dying Night

Klaubautamann are quite renowned as an avantgardistic german black metal act. Especially ‘Merkur’ (2009) caused a stir and enabled them to establish themselves as some sort of pioneers in the scene. Back then, they were pretty jazzy and experimental, whilst ‘The Old Chamber’ represents a more classical, straight-forward style of black metal. Which isn’t bad at all. Fitting vocals, catchy riffs and a proper dose of atmosphere (served with incredibly cool artwork) make their fourth release one of the better german albums this year. It isn’t as experimental as its predecessors but it has the certain characteristic feeling to it that makes it stand out against a lot of other releases.

Germany, 2011
Atmospheric Black Metal, Avantgarde
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