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2:54 – 2:54 (2012)


1. Revolving
2. You’re Early
3. Easy Undercover
4. A Salute
5. Scarlet
6. Sugar
7. Circuitry
8. Watcher
9. Ride
10. Creeping

Recently, I tried to disengage from my usual listening habits and listen to music way more concentrated. And to give the same release more attention in terms of listening to it several times before heading to the next album. I believe that was one of my biggest problems because I felt like missing a whole lot of potential brilliant releases just by giving them too little attention.

The self-titled debut album from 2:54 was one of these albums that I discovered in this process. It is very well executed, builds a melancholic, sometimes eerie atmosphere and let’s my thoughts drift – that’s what I like about music the most. The vocals of Colette Thurlow reminds me of Shirley Manson’s of Garbage at some places, which is a fairly good thing. You can also hear distant influences of some post-punk and shoegaze although they proclaim themselves as alternative rock. My favorite tracks of this release are ‘Sugar’ and ‘Creeping’ but essentially there are no bad or mediocre songs.

Recommended If You Like: Garbage, Exitmusic, Tamaryn

United Kingdom, 2012
Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
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Implodes – Recurring Dream (2013)


1. Wendy
2. Scattered in the Wind
3. Sleepyheads
4. Necronomics
5. Zombie Regrets
6. You Wouldn’t Know It
7. Ex Mass
8. Dream Mirror
9. Melted Candle
10. Prisms and the Nature of Light
11. Bottom of a Well

Implodes are a fairly new band to me, although they’ve been around for quite some time. Thus little expectations did I have. But regardless whether you already know this band or you haven’t ever heard of them: “Recurring Dream” is a very pleasant album to listen to. At least if you like very drawn out, reverb heavy shoegaze music (yeah, even for shoegaze) with some drone influences. Especially the second track ‘Scattered in the Wind’ is absolutely astonishing and definitely one of my all-time favorite songs in this genre (and quite suiting for road trips). The whole album has a very interesting psychedelic feel to it that enables the sometimes repetetive songs to sustain tension. All the while it’s very soothing and invites the listener to some daydreaming disgress. Well, what more can I say… time for you to see it for yourself.

USA, 2013
Psychedelic Drone/Shoegaze


Exitmusic – Passage (2012)


1. Passage
2. The Night
3. The City
4. White Noise
5. Storms
6. The Wanting
7. Stars
8. The Modern Age
9. The Cold
10. Sparks of Light

Thanks to glorious Spotify I’m discovering a whole bunch of fantastic music recently. Especially in combination with the Last.fm-App and its recommendations I’m listening to a shitload of new stuff. Exitmusic was one of the discoveries I made through using Spotify. And damn, what an immense discovery that is. Aleksa tends to have the most emotional voice I have ever heard in that style of music. This is pure bliss. Words cannot describe how much her vocals touch my innermost feelings. I just love it. The mood on Exitmusic’s debut reaches from melancholic eeriness to some parts, where the light seems to break through an almost irrevocably overcast sky. Meh, I’m degressing here. ‘Passage’, ‘The Night’, ‘White Noise’ and ‘The Modern Age’ are my favorite songs on this almost perfect release. The only criticism I can offer is that the other tracks aren’t as catchy and lack the vibe of the aforementioned.

USA, 2012
Dreampop, Shoegaze
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