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Wolvhammer – The Obsidian Plains (2011)


1. The Gleaming
2. Writhe
3. Bones of the Pious
4. Ghosts in the Water
5. Shadowhorn
6. A Defiled Aesthetic
7. The Sentinels

I didn’t know much about Wolvhammer when I listened to this album the first time. If I remember correctly I had caught a glimpse on their debut ‘Black Marketeers of World War III’ but I couldn’t quite recall the sound of it. So I went onto this release completely unbiased. And hell, was I blown away. Wolvhammer combines fierce black metal with the rather chaotic elements of crust with some very sludge-y interludes. It’s an incredibly intense mixture that enthralls me throughout the whole album. Especially ‘Writhe’ and ‘The Sentinels’ stand out on this release. The former because of its frenetic abrasiveness and gloom, the latter due to its very emotional climax (what an epic ending riff!). Overall, I don’t think that Wolvhammer could have done this in any better way.

USA, 2011
Black Metal, Sludge, Crust